Accumulation systems

For backup storage of products in an automated production process.

Buffering and accumulation

Buffering or accumulation is basically reserving temporary storage for products in a production process to ensure a continuous flow. This is necessary due to many variables in automated production processes such as malfunction of (bottleneck) machines.

A constant supply of packagings is essential to keep a packaging line running. Bottlenecks must be identified and balanced where necessary (line balancing). Buffering and accumulation ensures optimum efficiency despite possible failures.

Type of accumulation

In-line buffering combines accumulation with transport of packaging products. This type of accumulation is very suitable for production processes with microstops.

We also provide FiFo buffer systems for production processes with high buffering capacity being desired on the one hand and the importance of the first buffered product leaving the temporary storage first on the other hand.

The third accumulator is our accumulation table. This is a form of mass accumulation, which can be used as an end buffer or as an intermediate buffer.

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