Casings and guards

For machine safety and noise insulation in automated production processes

Safety regulations machines

The guards and casings of DUCO are custom solutions for safeguarding your machines and workplaces. In most cases you are even obliged to do so, due to safety regulations. DUCO designs, supplies and installs everything relating to your desired casing or guard.

Noise insulation machines

One of the safety regulations concerns noise insulation. There are many regulations and general conditions that record which noise regulations your production process must meet. Our machine guards reduce noise from machines and systems.

We design custom casings and guards without compromising the accesibility of the machine for operation and maintenance. This creates safe and well-maintained machines in your production line and a safe workplace for your employees. Our casings and guards are designed with our aluminium profile system (aps). This flexible modular construction system creates a high-tech appearance, is maintenance-free and can be extended at all times.

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