For the automatic destacking of full pallets at the beginning of your packaging line.

Automatic depalletizing

Depalletizing is the automated process of destacking products from a full pallet. Depalletizing takes place at the beginning of an automated packaging line. The products are picked from the pallets and placed in line for the next step of the packaging process.

Depalletizing is an essential part in the automation of packaging and handling. We provide fully automatic and semi-automatic depalletizers for an efficient, flexible and safe handling process.

Our depalletizers

Our semi-automatic depalletizer is a solution that automatically destacks your pallets. The pallet is placed into the depalletizer manually.

For a solution that automatically supplies the pallets as well as depalletises the pallets we developed a fully automatic depalletizer. The removal of the layered sheets can also be automated with this depalletizing solution.

The robot palletizer is a flexible and easy to implement depalletizer that can be used for all sorts of products.

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