End-of-line palletizer

A fully automatic solution

The end-of-line palletizer is a fully automatic solution. Boxes are automatically supplied to the system by an integrated transport system. Box labels are read, approved or rejected based upon the available data. Consequently, the boxes will be stacked automatically by a pre-programmed pattern that can be customized. Prior to the distribution, full pallets will be wrapped with a protective foil and then transported by our pallet conveyors.


  • Automatic supply and accumulation of boxes through driven roller conveyor
  • Automatic supply of pallets using a Palomat® system
  • Palletising of boxes with 6-axis robot, thus very flexible
  • Customer-specific stacking patterns and box sizes
  • Automatic stretch wrapping of full pallets
  • Automatic discharge of full pallets through steel chain conveyor
  • Disapproved boxes are deleted through reject system
  • Integrated safety systems such as light curtains and emergency stops
  • Controlled by means of a touch screen
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