Machine casing

High-tech look, easy to maintain

In order to protect your personnel, we offer bespoke casings. The casings are designed on the basis of a modular system with aluminium profiles.

Maintenance-friendly with a high tech appearance. Easy to adjust and extend in the future. We want you to be able to continue to work with the machine in a safe and reliable way.

  • Twenty years of engineering experience ensures the required knowledge concerning designs, specifications and regulations.
  • Noise resistant casing of high quality.
  • Modular design with possibilities for removable panels, doors and windows.

All our casings and guards are designed with the flexible and high quality DUCO aluminium profile system.



  • Modular construction, easy assembly and disassembly
  • Assembly through internal and bolt connections
  • Hightech appearance
  • Can be equipped with electronic safety systems
  • Various plating options such as: UV-resistant polycarbonate, HPL or wire mesh
  • Can be combined with noise insulation panels (noise reduction of up to 40 dB(A))
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