Vertical roll conveyor

Wedge conveyor with foamrollers

The roll conveyor is an innovative vertical conveyor systems that transports the products vertically using foamrollers. The products are wedged between the foam rollers and the chain conveyor.

The chain conveyor transports the product vertically in which the foam rollers clamps the product en guides it further up. For a quick and smooth transport.

This vertical conveyor is ideal for rigid light products, such as pouches and small boxes. Products can be transported at high speed in a reliable and safe way.

Innovative transport system

The roller conveyor is a unique vertical conveyor system developed by DUCO. This simple and innovative transport system is easy to integrate in any production line.


  • Continues production flow
  • Costumized for any product
  • Innovative vertical conveyor system
  • Guided by foam rollers
  • Modular design, suitable for any height
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