Work platforms

For safe access and entrance in an automated production process.

For a safe step over and safe access

Our work platforms are a flexible solution for a safe step over or step up in an automated production process. Unsafe machinery and processes can cause injury to your employees in a manufacturing hall or production space.

Pipelines, tubes, conveyors, machinery can be an obstacle. A work platform or step over platform can be a flexible solution for safe access to the workplace.

Aluminum platform system

We build customized platforms, steps and step overs with the aluminum platform system. The platform system is highly suitable for creating step overs in production lines or for railings on elevated work platforms. The modularity of the platform system makes all the components reusable for a change in the facilities.

Accessibility of machinery

In some cases a machine is not easy accessible due the size or height of the machine or due to the risk of injuries. A customized work place makes the machine accessible and approachable from every angle. A step over platform is the best solution when a safe passage is required.

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