About DUCO

DUCO is a modular platform that allows you to efficiently set up safe and ergonomic production and working environments. The DUCO platform comprises a wide range of standardized technical solutions and products, including a modular aluminum profile system. The various systems offer you endless possibilities: from basic machine frames to multiple complex palletizing solutions.

DUCO systems have been used for many years in a variety of industries: manufacturing companies and machine builders, but also laboratories and educational institutions. The technical solutions and products are easy to configure and easily tailored to your specific challenges, without having to be designed from scratch – saving time and money! And the best part is, DUCO systems are always expandable.

DUCO’s modular mechanical and electrical building blocks have been tried and tested over many years and have been standardized in 3D CAD programs and ERP software. The physical components are stored in our automated warehouse, allowing for an extremely high delivery reliability. By configuring the modular building blocks cleverly and quickly, an optimal balance has been achieved between standardization and customization. And it is precisely this balance that provides the ultimate combination of reliability and flexibility

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