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Buffering systems and accumulation systems

Ensure a continuous flow in your production process with our buffering and accumulation solutions. By reserving temporary storage for products, DUCO eliminates disruptions caused by machine malfunctions or bottlenecks, ensuring optimal efficiency

Buffering and accumulation

Buffering or accumulation involves reserving temporary storage for products in a production process to ensure a continuous flow. This is necessary due to the various variables in automated production processes, such as machine malfunctions or bottlenecks.

Buffer systemt for optimum efficiency

Maintaining a constant supply of packaging is essential to keep a packaging line running smoothly. Bottlenecks should be identified and balanced as needed (line balancing). Buffering and accumulation ensure optimal efficiency, even in the event of potential failures. Our buffer system is used to reserve temporary storage for products in a production process, ensuring a continuous flow.

Types of accumulation

In-line buffering combines the accumulation of packaging products with their transport. This type of accumulation is particularly suitable for production processes with microstops.

We also offer FiFo buffer systems for production processes that require high buffering capacity. These systems prioritize the first buffered product to be released from temporary storage.

Our third option is the accumulation table. This form of mass accumulation can serve as either an end buffer or an intermediate buffer.

Our products

In-line accumulators

With in-line accumulation, the transport length of the production process is being used as buffer capacity. Speed differenences creates spacing between products, which is basically the buffering capacity of the system.

The in-line accumulator can also bridge vertical distances, which increases the buffer capacity. An optimal use of your floorspace. The in-line accumulation system can be integrated into your production line in the same simple way as a normal chain conveyor.


  • Available in FlexLink ® and MS Plus Automation ® version.
  • Guaranteed First-in-First-out (FiFo) buffering.
  • Controlled buffering through stoppers.
  • Optimum use of floor space by vertical transport.
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FiFo accumulators

A First-in-First-out (FiFo) accumulator is developed to allow your production line to run efficiently when order of production is important. Sorted accumulation shortens production time, which is of great importance for maintaining the quality of perishable products.

A FiFo accumulator is modularly designed. We develop a FiFo accumolator based on the required length, the number of belts and the shape, size and weight of the packaging.

All lanes in the accumulator are driven separately and are transferred to the line of choice. Sorted accumulation will reduce the production time of the product in an optimal way.


  • Improves the assurance of product quality
  • Length, width and number of lanes can be determined freely
  • Output up to 180 products/min
  • Contact free buffering (no damages)
  • Fixed product orientation (product remains enclosed)
  • Durable and low-maintenance
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