Palletizers are the secret weapon of the warehouse. DUCO offers automated palletizers that can efficiently and safely stack boxes in various sizes and stacking patterns, improving the ergonomics and health of workers. We have different palletizer solutions, including the BoiPal and the end-of-line palletizer, with additional features such as box checking and pallet wrapping with film.

Automatic palletizing

Palletizing is the automatic process of stacking boxes onto pallets prior to distribution. With the aid of an automated palletizer, the stacking of boxes is no longer a heavy job. Automated palletizing contributes to good ergonomics and the good health of your employees.

Our palletizers

Our palletizers can handle boxes of different shapes and sizes and stack them in any desired stacking pattern. Our BoiPal palletizer is a simple solution to stack boxes at the end of a production line. For a total palletizing solution, you can choose our end-of-line palletizer.

Possible extensions

This palletizer can be extended with a reject system and with a stretch wrapper that wraps the fully stacked pallets with a protective film.

palletizers by duco from holland

Our products

End-of-line palletizer

The end-of-line palletizer is a fully automatic solution. Boxes are automatically supplied to the system by an integrated transport system. Box labels are read, approved or rejected based upon the available data. Consequently, the boxes will be stacked automatically by a pre-programmed pattern that can be customized. Prior to the distribution, full pallets will be wrapped with a protective foil and then transported by our pallet conveyors.


  • Automatic supply and accumulation of boxes through driven roller conveyor
  • Automatic supply of pallets using a Palomat® system
  • Palletising of boxes with 6-axis robot, thus very flexible
  • Customer-specific stacking patterns and box sizes
  • Automatic stretch wrapping of full pallets
  • Automatic discharge of full pallets through steel chain conveyor
  • Disapproved boxes are deleted through reject system
  • Integrated safety systems such as light curtains and emergency stops
  • Controlled by means of a touch screen
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BoiPal Palletizer

Our BoiPal robot depalletizer is a flexible palletizing cell which can be placed at the end of any packaging line. The palletizer is controlled by an intelligent software system. If your needs change, it will be possible to adjust the control software separately. The stacking pattern can be easily adjusted to the pallet and box size. Even remotely.


  • Various configurations; manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • Suitable for different shapes of boxes and pallets
  • Easily adjustable stacking pattern
  • Short conversion time
  • Compact full safety setup
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