Aluminum profile system

The aluminum profile system from DUCO is a modular and flexible assembly system with a high-quality appearance. Our system is used as the foundation for innovative frame constructions and small pick and place solutions. Additionally, we provide complete transport and handling systems for production and transport lines.

Flexible assembly system

All constructions are possible with our high quality Aluminum profile system (APS). A modular system with a high tech appearance that is very flexible. Among other things, we design workplaces and facilities for research institutes and laboratories.

  •  No more welding
  •  No more grinding
  •  No surface treatment required.

Modular thinking

Our aluminum profile system forms the basis of our modular approach. Each product we offer acts as a building block, allowing us to tailor solutions precisely to your automation needs. Whether it’s a single building block or a combination of several, we provide an optimum blend of standardization and customization.

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Our products

Laboratory facilities

Twenty years of experience in machine construction and casings enables us to know your challenges. Each laboratory has a long list of requirements that a workplace should meet. The required reliability of a study is assigned to the results. In addition, you want to have a pleasant workplace that is easily adjusted if necessary.

High quality

Laboratory cabinets are designed with our aluminium profile system (aps). A high quality and very flexible modular system. Any required frame and any construction is possible with our aluminium profiles.


  • Modular structure, easy assembly and disassembly
  • Assembly by means of internal connections and bolt connections
  • Easy to adjust and extend in the future
  • Custom designed in close consultation with the customer
  • Very good accessibility
  • Clean and high tech appearance
  • Extra accessories or spare parts can be easily ordered at our webshop
  • Designed according the NEN-directives
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Business facilities

Sometimes we demand just a little bit more of a table, cabinet or shelving. This could be extra sturdy drawers, a special table top, extra storage compartment or height adjustment, etc.

Some examples:

  • Work tables
  • Gieght adjustable tables
  • Washbasins tables
  • Cabinets
  • Display cabintes
  • Shelvings
  • Mobile carts


  • Fully customer specific products
  • Made of our Aluminium Profile System
  • Easy to adjust and extend in the future
  • Great diversity of applications and accessories
  • Available with adjustable legs and transport wheels
  • Maintenance-free
  • Our products meet the Working Conditions Directives
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Workplace facilities

Lean working starts at your workplace. That sometimes requires a little more than a standard cabinet and table. We develop and build customer-specific workplace facilities using our Aluminium Profile System.


  • Clean and high tech appearance
  • Grooves for flexible mounting of accessories
  • Holes and grooves are easily covered
  • Great range of plating options already in stock
  • Our products meet the Working Conditions Directives
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