Conveyor systems

DUCO offers a wide range of automated conveyor systems that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company. Our modular construction systems can be easily adjusted and controlled for full automation.

Automated transport

Conveyor systems move products from one production process to another automatically. The number and type of products you wish to transport determines which conveyor type is most suitable.

Specific demands concerning internal transport require a specific solution. Our range of conveyor systems contains different types of conveyors. Each with its own features and benefits.

Flexibel transport

The shape and design of packaging products change continuously, so therefore it is important that a conveyor system can adapt and expand accordingly. All our conveyor systems are build with a modular construction system. Every part is exchangeable what makes the system versatile like building blocks.

Control conveyor systems

Our conveyor systems can be equipped with control software for a fully automated conveying process. The conveyor system can be controlled either by the production machinery or by the central line control.

Our products

Belt conveyors

A belt conveyor is the perfect conveyor choice for the internal transport of either a single product or bulk goods.

Belt conveyor for every industry

A belt conveyor is a silent solution that requires little maintenance. DUCO supplies different belt conveyors each developed for specific industrial applications. You can choose between different belt widths, belt lengths and load capacity.

Vertical transport

Every belt conveyor is equipped with either a drum motor or geared motor. In addition to horizontal belt conveyors, we also offer bended belt conveyors for vertical transport.


  • Modular structure, allowing extension or adaptation
  • Optimum combination of customized and standardized components
  • Drum motor or geared motor
  • Great diversity of configurations: side guide, frequency control, belt types, belt speed, carriers, etc.
  • Vertical transport possible
  • Maintenance free
  • Short deliverytime
  • Can be exactly adapted to your requirements
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Chain conveyors

A chain conveyor is the right transport system if you want to convey single products or a large amount of products at the same time. Ideal for a long production line whith sharp turns and a combination of horizontal and vertical transport.

High quality materials and components

For the design of our aluminium chain conveyors we combine our own developed conveyors systems with the high-quality materials and components from FlexLink ® or MS Plus Automation ®.

Stainless steel chain conveyors for food and tobacco

We have developed a Stainless steel chain conveyor for the food and tobacco industry. A hygienic, abrasion resistant and durable conveyor that has proven itself in practice. The stainless steel chain conveyor repels dirt, so that the chain will not be polluted.


  • High quality chain conveyor systems from FlexLink® and MS Plus Automation® (Schüco CS SL – Stretch Line)
  • Extensive chain delivery programme, from small and compact to very wide
  • Different types of chain (smooth, rubber, carriers, electrically conductive etc.)
  • Driven transitions for even more smooth transfer (optional)
  • Small bend radius
  • High operational safety
  • Low noise production
  • The system requires little maintenance
  • Supplied with CE documentation included
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Roller conveyors

Ideal for the transportation of flat piece goods such as boxes and crates. Roller conveyors are also perfect as buffering systems.

Drive and driveless

We offer both drive and driveless options to cater to your specific needs. Each part required for your project is readily available in our stock, ensuring efficient and timely assembly. Our skilled team excels at custom work, guaranteeing that every project is tailored to your unique requirements.

Versatility of aluminium profiles

DUCO roller conveyors are made by means of a modular construction system: the aluminium profile system.

With the aluminium profiles we are able to construct your required roller conveyor in any required height, length, width and running direction.


  • Driven or non-driven rollers
  • Suitable for bridging short and very long distances
  • Easy to extend or adapt
  • Fully customer specific
  • Slots are suitable for attaching photo cells or side guides, for instance
  • Very short lead times
  • Maintenance-free
  • Supplied with CE documentation included
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Pallet transport systems

Our pallet conveyor is a conveyor solutions for transporting heavy goods like loaded pallets. The modular design makes it possible to create a customized solution in both length and width. In addition, the pallet conveyor can be equipped with sensors, stoppers and an accumulation chain for a controlled supply and buffer functionality.


  • Stainless steel chain is suitable for heavy loads
  • Expendable for a controlled supply and accumulating functionality
  • Long transport distance due to highly rigid tube profile
  • Very high operational safety
  • The system requires very little maintenance
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Vertical roll conveyor

The roll conveyor is an innovative vertical conveyor systems that transports the products vertically using foamrollers. The products are wedged between the foam rollers and the chain conveyor.

Quick and smooth

The chain conveyor efficiently transports products vertically, utilizing foam rollers to securely hold and guide the items along the conveyor's path. This innovative design ensures a rapid and seamless transport process, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

This vertical conveyor is ideal for rigid light products, such as pouches and small boxes. Products can be transported at high speed in a reliable and safe way.

Innovative transport system

The roller conveyor is a unique vertical conveyor system developed by DUCO. This simple and innovative transport system is easy to integrate in any production line.


  • Continues production flow
  • Costumized for any product
  • Innovative vertical conveyor system
  • Guided by foam rollers
  • Modular design, suitable for any height
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Vertical lift

Our wedge conveyor is a conveyor system that wedges the products between two chains . The great advantage of this (in-flow) conveyor system is a continuous transport without interruptions or breaks.

The vertical clamp conveyor is able to convey can, tins, jars, lids, bottles, etc. at high speed on a safe and reliable way.


  • Ability to bridge large height differences on a small floor area
  • Integration of sorter and detection system possible
  • Easy to extend or adapt
  • Can be perfectly adapted to your requirements
  • Low maintenance systems
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