Laboratory facilities

Twenty years of experience in machine construction and casings enables us to know your challenges. Each laboratory has a long list of requirements that a workplace should meet. The required reliability of a study is assigned to the results. In addition, you want to have a pleasant workplace that is easily adjusted if necessary.

High quality

Laboratory cabinets are designed with our aluminium profile system (aps). A high quality and very flexible modular system. Any required frame and any construction is possible with our aluminium profiles.

Walk-in fume cupboard

Laboratory facilities

Walk-in fume cupboard for more heigth.

  • Can be equipped with table top
  • Veritcal and horizontal sliding doors
  • Fully custom made

Table fume cupboard

Laboratory facilities

Low level fume cupboards for placement on laboratory tables.

  • Suitable for light chemical activities
  • Can be delivered with both vertical and horizontal sliding windows
  • Fully custom made

Laboratory housing

Laboratory facilities

Housing for equipment and tables.

  • Designed in close collaboration with the customer
  • Customizable and expandable
  • Can be delivered with accessories like lighting, extraction, locks and other safety systems.

Service module mountings

Laboratory facilities

Ceiling and wall mounting for laboratory service modules.

  • Easy and flexible mounting of service modules
  • Adjustable and expandable

Wall systems

Laboratory facilities

Special designed profiles for wall constructions in laboratories to change rooms in a split second.

  • Own developed profiles for optimum connection to, partitions, walls, service modules and other facilities.
  • Flexibility and multi functionality

Support Constructions

Laboratory facilities

Constructions mounted in the ceiling in laboratories to support devices, curtains and other tools.

  • Fabricated with our Aluminium Profile System
  • Open grooves provides flexible mounting of service modules and accessories
  • Holes and open grooves can be easily covered
  • Easy to customize and to expand in the future
  • Very suitable for low vibration laboratories

Laboratory facilities


  • Modular structure, easy assembly and disassembly
  • Assembly by means of internal connections and bolt connections
  • Easy to adjust and extend in the future
  • Custom designed in close consultation with the customer
  • Very good accessibility
  • Clean and high tech appearance
  • Extra accessories or spare parts can be easily ordered at our webshop
  • Designed according the NEN-directives
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