Noise insulating casing

We design noise insulating casings for the benefit of a reliable noise insulation and certainty concerning noise reduction.

Safe but accessible protection

All casings are custom designed on the basis of your requirements in relation to safety, accessibility and user friendliness. We always like to give a little extra advice. Twenty years of designing experience will help you making the right choices. All our casings and guards are designed with the flexible and high quality BOIKON aluminium profile system.

Noise insulating casing


  • Standard intermediate link reduction (TSD) of 15-30 dB(A)
  • Modular structure, easy assembly and disassembly
  • Assembly by means of internal connections and bolt connections
  • Easy to adjust and extend in the future
  • Custom designed in close consultation with the customer
  • Very good accessibility of the machine or installation by means of removable panels, doors and windows
  • Various plating options: clear UV resistant polycarbonate, circuit board (various colours)
  • Can be provided with electronic safety systems
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