Step-over platform

A step over platform is a step or stairs with a secured platform for safe crossing. Pipelines, tubes, conveyor belts, machinery, they are all obstacles that can cause injury to your employees. For a safe work environment, secure access and passage of these locations are necessary.

Safe access to machinery

For a safe step over and safe access to machinery one can use our step over platforms. The platforms are available in any height, lengths and angles of inclination. Our aluminum profile and platform system can create, adapt and expand any platform design.

Step-over platform


  • Fully complies with NEN standards
  • Combines perfectly with the Boikon Aluminium Profile System
  • Easy adjustment and extension
  • Activities such as welding, grinding and surface treatment are not necessary
  • High quality construction system
  • Modern, high-tech appearance
  • Supplied as an assembly kit of building blocks or fully assembled
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